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Is FerryBerry deodorant aluminum-free?

If I were to use FerryBerry deodorants, what will happen to my armpitts? Would they feel any different?

Where should I store FerryBerry deodorants?

I am allergic to baking soda. Is there any baking soda in your formula?

Is FerryBerry Cruelty-Free?

Why does my underarms feel irritated after using a natural deodorant?

My tube of FerryBerry deodorant appears to be a dark tan color, why is this?

Refunds & Exchanges Information

What about refund & exchanges? After I buy it, then don't like the smell, can I get a refund or exchange it for a different scent?

Shipping Information

Where do you ship to?

Can I track my order?

Once I place my order, when will I receive it?

I have not received a confirmation email after my order was placed.

Subscription Information

How does the subscription offer work?


$1 Dollar Deodorant Sale - How does this work?

Seasonal Discount, Promotional Discounts or Special Discounts - How do they work?

Buy 4 Items, Get 1 FREE Item - How does this work?

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