Everyday morning, we all follow almost the same routine. After we get out of the bed, we brush our teeth, take a shower, dress up and apply our deodorant before heading off to the day. I bet that you’re so used to the routine that you don’t even think second before picking up the deodorant. If you’re a deodorant user, then you’re already familiar with all the different brands with different types, for example, spray, stick, roll-on, and others that address various issues like perspiration, bacteria and so on. While deodorants are a regular product, it’s surprising to see people know so less about the product. Knowing more about these products is necessary for various reasons.

Let’s check out the in-depth details about deodorants.

Antipersirprants Expire

Deodorants and antiperspirants are completely different from their nature and working style. Each comes up with their unique ingredients. You may notice that some deodorants come up with an expiration date. It’s because they contain antiperspirants that expire after a certain period of time. Actually, it’s the aluminum salt in the antiperspirants that loses its quality and functionality. Deodorants generally fall under the category of cosmetic products. In most cases, manufacturers recommend dumping the old products within a year of opening. It’s because bacteria can accumulate and pollute the product.

However, most of the deodorants include some anti-bacterial agent. So, the chance of bacterial pollution is near to zero. Over time, the fragrance may fade away. Yet, should you use your deodorant forever?

Like many other beauty products, deodorants don’t require to have an expiration date. However, products like antiperspirants (over-the-counter drugs) do have an expiration date. Is it okay to use such products even if it’s past the expiration date? You won’t essentially be having a rough time using an expired deodorant. However, there are a few drawbacks you have to fight with.

1. Active Element Absentia:

The worst thing happening is the active ingredient losing its efficiency to prevent sweating. This is a common phenomenon with expired products. The ingredients may crystallize over time. That’s why the companies are required to experiment their products and find out how long the ingredient is likely to last.

2. Drying Hazard:

Stick antiperspirant deodorants are, often times, prepared with volatile silicones. As the antiperspirant stick ages, it will vanish if the cap is left off. If you use such a stick, it’ll crumble whenever you use it. In cases, the crystals will even cause scratches at your armpit. Ouch!

3. Fragrance Freak-out:

Besides keeping your skin sweat-free, most of the antiperspirants contain fragrances. This is for you to smell good. Any synthetic fragrance is a complex mixture of different chemical ingredients. It’s natural that such compounds may react and/or evaporate over time. You may still use the deodorant but your stink will still be available for anyone near you.

The Bottom Line

The expiration date (also known as shelf life) of any cosmetic or personal care product is the timeframe that the manufacturer determined that the product will be at its peak performance. It’s the responsibility of the manufacturers to determine the expiration time as well as product safety.

Technically, deodorants don’t have any expiry date. It can remain active for years. However, it’s better to stay on the safe side. You perhaps should change your deodorant every 3 years even if your bottle still has some left.

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