Key Ingredients

  • Organic Aloe Vera Juice -  This is the perfect ingredient for natural deodorants because of it's soothing, gentle and calming properties.  And it is especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin. Although Organic Aloe Vera Juice is very soothing and gentle yet to the skin, in combination with our other ingredients, it also effectively prevents and reduces body odor. Organic Aloe Vera Juice also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.


  • Arrowroot Powder - In our formulation, this pure, natural powder helps keep your underarms from producing excess moisture.


  • FerryBerry's Propylene Glycol - Derived entirely from vegetable sources, this natural ingredient is created from the reaction between glycerin (which is obtained from vegetable oils) and hydrogen that takes place at high temperatures. Once pressurized, the newly formed botanically Propylene Glycol is produced, then, purified and tested for quality.


  • Sodium Stearate - A vegetable-based material sourced from coconut and palm oils. It is often referred to as a sodium salt that comes from stearic acid, a fatty acid that occurs naturally. In FerryBerry's Premium, Natural Deodorants, Sodium Stearate has the unique ability to form a structure with other materials like botanically-based Propylene Glycol and Sodium Caproyl, which is also a natural ingredient, to correctly emulsify and to form a solid stick shape.
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