Deodorants are one of the most common cosmetic products that we use on a daily basis. It’s meant to sop up the sweat, mask the unwanted odor and giving you a fresh smell. Antiperspirants also serve the same purpose by plugging sweat glands. These products successfully stop sweating of the area with the help of various compounds, predominantly aluminum-based ones. Sounds great, right? No more unwanted sweat and odor! You can stay fresh as long as you want.

Well, not so fast. In recent decades, antiperspirants have come under scrutiny. The internet is scourging over the fact that antiperspirants can be carcinogenic with other health risks. For years, we’ve come to know that aluminum in deodorants can be harmful. Aluminum is indeed a bad element for human health. But how does it affect the usage of our deodorants and antiperspirants?

Let’s find out the real story!

Purpose of Aluminum in Deodorants?

In both deodorants and antiperspirants, the work of aluminum is the same. When you apply aluminum-based deodorant, the aluminum particles clog the sweat glands and slowly absorbs into the skin. Once absorbed, the particles are free to mix with the bloodstream. Thus, aluminum successfully stops the flow of sweat on the surface of the skin and mixes with the blood. As there’s no more sweat, no more smell. The main problem here is the mixing of aluminum in the bloodstream.

How Aluminum Affects the Body

For such actions, aluminum is the active ingredient. It helps the area stay dry by stopping the sweat flow. Unfortunately, there are some side-effects to the process. Sweating is a natural process of our body. Sweating helps to regulate body temperature while eliminating toxins. Thus, blocking the sweat is a potential threat for your body. Your body is forced to reabsorb the toxins. Moreover, aluminum is also able to get absorbed into the body. According to some studies, exposure to aluminum deodorants increases the risk of different health hazards like cancer!

Here are other potential health hazards of aluminum.

  • Stopping of natural perspiration
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Risk of breast cancer
  • Risk of liver failure

Exposure to a certain element to the skin on a daily basis will eventually accumulate in tissues. Aluminum isn’t a necessary ingredient for our body. In fact, our body doesn’t require this element for any task. When we rub the deodorant/antiperspirants, aluminum can reach the bloodstream. So, let’s start your journey with complete natural deodorant. Stop rubbing silent toxins through your skin. With all the uncertainty and health hazards, it’s time for you to rethink your cosmetic choice. Why not switch to a safer choice?

Benefits of Aluminum-free Deodorants

Well, let’s find out what benefits you get from using an aluminum-free deodorant.

  • No more yellow stains: Aluminum-based compounds in the antiperspirants cause yellow stains on the clothes you wear. The compound locks the sebum (a natural oily substance from hair follicles) with the cloth fibers, rendering the area yellow.
  • Unclogged pores: Clear pores are always better than clogged pores. After all, that’s a natural way of regulating the body temperature and removing toxins from the bloodstream. Clogged pores are notorious for leading to acne, toxin build-ups, and other dermatological problems.
  • Decreased risk of diseases: Aluminum is a neurotoxin that’s capable of altering the functions of the blood-brain barrier. The compounds can impact the central nervous system seriously. Our body is really good at absorbing aluminum but inefficient at expelling it. The research community is still on a hot debate on the impact of aluminum on diseases like Alzheimer’s and breast cancer.

It’s better to prevent than cure, right?

Final Recommendation

From this extensive discussion now you have understood why you should avoid aluminum in deodorants. Well, do you want to switch to a healthier, all-natural deodorant? FerryBerry offers a wide range of choices for both men and women as well as perfect for kids too! Our products are aluminum-free and filled with natural ingredients. No harsh or hazardous ingredients. We firmly believe that you should love skin how it is. That’s why FerryBerry deodorants are not only aluminum-free but also free from parabens, sulfates, gluten, dairy, and soy.  Let’s give the natural deodorants a try and moderately sweat in confidence! These natural deodorants don’t use beeswax. Great news for VEGANS! Come visit our little piece of deodorant paradise.



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